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Your recital can be recorded by two, three, or four cameras. If the program is cover by three or more cameras one can be mobile on a Merlin Steadicam to capture a variety of unique shots during the preformance.

  • You will find us attentive to your request, responsive and professional at all times.
  • Your videographer(s)
    will keep pace with and capture every detail of your event filled recital.
  • We will capture the breathless excitment of your recital.


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Dance Recital

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A year of Lessons Practise and Getting Better

This clip is a good example of a fast paced complex dance number. There are moments when the stage is filled with dancers moving back and forth to the pounding beat of THRILLER. Fog driftes across the stage enveloping the dancers. The cuts come; wide shot to medium to a close up of a dancers hands recoiling from an imaginied ghost.

This number took a lot of effort to stage somthing these dancers will be able to share with their childern one day.

This program was stage at Odell Wiliamson Auditorium in Bolivia NC and recorded by three videographers: one in the balcony, one on the right side of the auditorium floor and third on the left side of the auditorium. For later preformances we incorporated a 4th mobile camera mounted on a steadicam that captured some very unique footage. Post production was done on a Mac and Final Cut Studio 2.


Let us capture your Dance Recital or other live performance.




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What's the Cost ..

There is no cost to the studio if there is a minemum of 40 DVD's ordered. if the recital is 2 hours or less the price per DVD starts at $25. Recitals longer than 2 hours are $35 and the project is delivered in a 2 DVD set.

All projects are delivered in a hard plastic DVD case with full color glossy jack. A full color label is printed on the glossy surface" water shield" DVD





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