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We use a solution formulated specfically for cleaning and protecting film to remove dust particles, seals scratches, prevent further damage,and preserves the film by making the film less brittle and more flexible.


With age films can break or an old splice can lose it's hold. In the event of a break we make the repair or slice.


After transferring your films we will review and eliminate any video that is completely under or over exposed. Blurry or poorly composed film will be kept.


Adjust Exposure/Contrast

We will also attempt to brighten or darken scenes which
are under or overexposed.

color correction image


We will color correct areas which are saturated with
color. Different reasons can cause a film to look red or bluish in color. It could
be the type of film, the chemicals they used to develop or simply the age film.
We will attempt to make adjustments for the colors to appear normal.


phone: 910.457.435

7921 River Road
Southport, NC








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  • old film Southport NC pre wwII
    Watch this and be transported back to another time in the history of Southport but yet one with a familiar feel and charm.Family footage shot before World War II on the streets of Southport NC.
  • Family Memories

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8mm, super 8, and 16 mm Film Transfer Services



1st 50ft. .....................................$35

51 ft. to 999ft..............................$0.23 per foot

1000 ft. to 1999.........................$0.20 per foot


After the film is transferred to a digital film the fun creative part of the process begins and you have serveral options.

1. After removing any bad or unwanted footage and basic exposure and color adjustment, see side bar, a title with white text on black backgroung is added the footaged encoded and dvd burned.

2. Additional options include:

  • Background music, you can provide music that holds a particularly synficance to you or your family or we can select music from the royality free SmartSound library and custom fit it to your program. For one recent project the family had a two track audio tape of their father who was a band leader in the 50's and their uncle playing big band tunes on the family panio. The tape was over 20 years old but we were able to capture the audio and then use it as background music for their project.
  • The captured film footage can be augmented with slides and prints, and edited to a script that passes on your family history to future generations.
  • Lower third titles can be added at select points in the program to idenfiy people and places.
  • Voice over can be used to introduce the project, tell a story about the footages being view, or identify people or places in the film.
  • Projects with several reels of film shot at different times and or locations can be organized into tracks or chapters and a custom start up menu built into the DVD to create order out of chaos.