Nikon CoolScan 5000ED ..

Nikon Slide Scanner

The Nikon CoolScan will scan 35mm KodaChrome slides, 35mm color negatives, and black and white negatives at resolutions up to 4000dpi.



Film Format





phone: 910.457.435

7921 River Road
Southport, NC


befor and after scan of a 30 year old slide


Before and after processing with ICE technology built into Coolscan 5000

35mm Slide Scanning Prices

  001-049 slides 050-499 slides 500-99slides
1000dpi $.50 $.45 $.40
2000dpi $.60 $.55 $.50
3000dpi $.80 $.75 $.70
4000dpi $1.00 $.96 $.92

All scans processed using Digital ICE Processing to remove dust and stratches and enchance the final digital image at no additional charge.

Why Scan Slides and Negatives Rather than Prints....

The simple answer is quality. slides and negatives are the the originals. The print is a second generation copy of the original slide or negative and does not contain the dymanic range between light and shadow or between two or more colors of the original. There's more data to work with and the result is more detail in the digitized image. .