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Carriage Ride through Wilmington Historic Districe

Are you having a Bridal Luncheon, Golf Tournament, Bridal Portrait sitting or family outing? There are many other events on your Wedding Schedule other then the Wedding itself and we are available to capture those moments and include them on your DVD.

Why Do you need a Wedding Video

Its about the future. Its about what happens after the wedding bells stop ringing, the last of the cake is eaten, the last of the champange is drunk and your wedding day becomes a wonderful collection of memories snap shots, and portraits.Your wedding movie will be the catalyst that reenergizes memories that fade with the passages of time and the string that ties special moments together some of which you may not even be aware of. If you are the groom you never saw your bride getting ready, and while your guest arrived the string quartet was playing beautiful music that you never got to hear.

While love will endure, the funny moment, the electric slide, the words of your fathers toast that seem to frame the moment so perfectly will fade into the past if they are not captured by your videographers.

The budget you allocate to your wedding video will keep the memories vividly alive for a lifetime and when your daughter or son ask what was your wedding day like you will be able to go to you media shelf retreive your DVD and relive that special day with them.

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Wedding pictures from video

One Camera 1.5 hour Wedding Program

What's Included:

1. Opening title and closing credits. The closing credits will list all of the members of your wedding party. To insure ever member of the bridal party is included in the credits, their names are spelled correctly, and are in the order you would like them to appear in the DVD, a complete ordered list must be provided to me during post-production.

2. Three copies of the wedding movie on high quality "watershield" DVD's with custom designed label. Each DVD will be packaged in a full size DVD case with custom design jacket that includes memorable photographs captured from your video.

What's Not Included:

Package price does not include the cost of mailing your DVD's. Packaging and shipping for 3 DVD's is a flat $12. This can be added to the price of your project or you may chose to pick them up at my studio in Southport.

Package Details

The Videographer will be at the wedding location approximately 45 minutes before the start time and will set up and be ready to begin taping by the time your guest begin to arrive. The service will be captured in its entirety along with any events or receiving line immediately after the ceremony ends.

Call or email to day for availability and pricing:
Phone 910 457- 4358


What you might want to add to this package:

wedding flower jpeg1. Additional time to cover pre-ceremony preparations.

2. Additional automatic camera to capture 2nd view of the service and give you a video with more depth.

3. A photo montage of pre wedding events, Childhood moments, special events, or your honeymoon. Pictures will be animated and given a music score.

Need to save a few dollars? Jennifer at fercott Photography and I have partnered together to offer a discount if you decide to use both of our services for your event. I'll discount my video servicesby 5% and Jennifer will do the same for photography services. Just trying to pass on more savings to make things easier!

Brides Make up Tips for photo and Video Sessions

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    What is meant by fully edited project?

    It means that the footage was not simply transferred from camera to DVD. It means that each captured scene was examined not once but several times then a rough cut of the story was carefully layed out the edit points of the rough cut refined then the audio levels adjusted followed by a color grading of the video.

    How many hours of coverage is need?

    Your wedding video will be your living connection to this special day for a life time. Arrange for as much coverage as you can afford.

    Can a friend tape my wedding for me?

    Sure. He or she can also bake your wedding cake, prepare your make up and take your photos.

    Ask yourself how many hours last week did your friend spend with their video camera.

    How many cameras should I utilize at my ceremony or reception?

    The number of cameras has nothing to do with the size of the church or number of invited guest. It is all about coverage that adds depth and emotion to your video.

    Multiple camera angles are always a plus so it is good to think about how many your budget can support.

    What Should I know about lighting?

    Todays Digital cameas don't require massive lighting to produce a quality picture.

    If you are planning for low or mood lighting at the ceremony or reception venues be sure to tell your videographer so he or she can be prepared.

    What should I know about audio for my wedding video?

    Audio is ever bit as important as the pictures during a wedding ceremony. We use a broadcast quality wireless lapel mics on the groom or minister to capture your vows plus additional microphones to capture background sound and music.

    What are Master Tapes and should I purchase them?

    These are the digital tapes or files for new cameras that recorded to disk or flash cards in the camera(s) on the day of the shoot and the digital tape master version of the edit. Purchase is always a good idea.

    USC Web & Video doesl archieve this data for you along with all the digital program files associated with your wedding production for a minimum of 2 years.

    Have a question?

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    WaterShield blank media for inkjet disc printers! Unlike normal inkjet discs, WaterShield is water resistent, scratch resistant, and features a glossy finish.

    The all-new WaterShield blank media is the best way to ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements. From Taiyo Yuden, the inventor of the DVD-R, WaterShield discs repel water and protect from wear and scratches.

    WaterShield DVD-R printable media features the very same qualities as Taiyo Yuden`s original discs. With the world`s widest record and playback compatibility, you`re assured a great disc, delivered perfectly every time.

    What else can the WaterShield do?
    Writes all forms of audio and data
    ISO 14001 certified manufacturing
    100-year durability data integrity guarantee
    Zero wave distortion
    Lowest jitter levels
    Lowest bler, E12, and E22 error rate in the industry